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"Brain (Numbers)"

[Intro: Hodgy Beats]
I ain’t walking in the dark with my eyes closed man f*ck that

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
Mama told me to use my brain
This is how I explain, exploding like a plane crash into a building
People speak with no effort of thought hope or feeling
That’s why the youth is f*cked up now, adults killed them
I’m speaking ‘cause I’m one of them my sister is another one
You know that uncomfort numb?
Nightmares I’m still running from
But I run from none, teeth gold like I’m Southern
I won’t be quitting and spitting until I’m number one
And the funny thing is I’m only twenty-one
You n*ggas tummy tucked, your music sucks
You're just another one of them n*ggas who think they know it all
Well I know one thing, that boy is sure to fall
Wolf Gang

[Interlude: Hodgy Beats]
(You just think you know god damn motherf*cking thing!)
No, I don’t even think I know everything man
(You don’t know nothing about life!)
What you talking about?
(The hell wrong with you? You need to listen to me!)
I am listening
(I’m your elder! I’m your Grandpa!)
Grandpa why you tripping?
Man I’m out of here!
(Come here boy!)

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
I ain’t playing with my life no more I'm taking it serious
I never took sh*t serious until sh*t got serious
n*ggas I hope you hearing this b*tches I know you feeling this
The sky ain’t the ceiling take off the top unrevealing
The world's a hungry villain corrupting the lovely children
That’s such an ugly feeling, that’s such a bloody dealing
Nobody wants you winning it, rather see you getting booked
Finger prints and mug shots from guns caught in drug charges
When a man’s just trying to feed his family something so harmless
The bigger picture enlarges in the hood we are a carcass
In the suburbs we’re labeled targets
Can’t even walk my ass through Target without getting targeted
Ready to kill us all and get us carpeted

[Closure: Hodgy Beats]
f*ck that n*gga, sh*t, (brrap-brrap) f*ck that n*gga
Put my motherf*cking gun up n*gga this is USA b*tch

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