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Have I ever told you about how everything is just completely boring in life?
Like, you got school and nothing to do at home with your foot injury
Well if you don't have one, except me 'cause y'know I have one
But anyway, I think life is pretty meaningless because of the ways that you can do in life
So I decided to make a satirical rap about school
And I won't legit say my current school or the school I go to
But I will coincide or hint at it
Just know, it is a school in Massachusetts
It is also private, so here we go

[Verse 1]
My school is so really trash
My school is really not bold and brash like Squidward said
First of all you can't do that much sh*t
Because y'know you'll always get hit with a blue slip
With a blue slip
And if you get 3, then you get a detention
Then maybe more, you get a suspension!
Maybe even an expulsion!
I don't know about my school: Why is it so strict?
But I don't care about it, 'cause school drools and we rule
Because y'know students always rule
And y'know we are such savages
We don't care about anything in life because we're gonna have a fun time
Y'know school: It's pretty bad
Y'know school: Why we have to do math?
Y'know school: Math is kind of lit
We can even do our own stuff
Y'know, 'bout our own stuff
We can talk, not even in groups
We can even swear
But I don't care

Because I'm a good boy who gets good grades
I'm a good boy who gets good grades

[Verse 2]
Y'know it's me, Billy Boy
But that's not my real name, it actually starts with an M
But I am not telling you
Because y'know [?] such perverts
And then you are gonna try and stalk me
And then you are gonna find out who I am
And I look like a loser who is pretty young
Because y'know [?] fun
Because y'know I got a foot injury
I told you that in the start of the song
But I don't care because [?] a freestyle or a satirical rap
I don't know dot com
Because I'm like Frito Lay
Because I'm so hungry and salty too
And I gotta go tie my shoes

Yeah thank you for listening
And goodbye!

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