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Nipsey Hussle

"Never Know"

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
Checking on my Twitter feed, I throw a couple seeds in
Hope you f*cking feast food for your thoughts, boss
A dime a dozen
The naked truth like dimes on a King cover
Demarcus Cousin, I couldn't cover unkindess
Feeling a couple comments they come with, I'm your higness
Respect that where your chest at lioness? They blank it out
Then remember when you banking out
Testing me like Apollo, ain't no clowns in house
You see this tiger crouched 'bout to pounce on 'em
Plan B's for the morning after
In mourning for those that gave in too early and living dorment
I'm feeling like the doorman, they all open for me
I walk right through, the view of 100 stories
In despair I rise like Ware
No matter the breaks, stairs I'm climbing 'em Ferris
Wheels, unlike stationary, we move on
Forget what you'll never know, just know I'm the Don
Dada that got you bothered, Korea and Obama
I'm the threat to your persona of being ill
But you wanna be still, enjoy your meals
In Osaka wit my Ahk I'm just a rapper though
Sacrifices that you'll never know
Like love and friends and my kin stressing me about my ends
To no end until I cop a Benz with rims
But you'll never know

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]
Yeah, they'll never understand the sacrifices
Just now when we shop we don't ask the prices
We look good too 'em, but it's double-sided
No complaints just as long as the money piling
Grinding, no breaks on this interstate
n*ggas ain't participate, can't get a plate
Crooked n*gga all my life, finally got it straight
Took a n*gga all his life, finally got a steak
Never understand the process
They speculate your lifestyle and don't account the losses
Underestimate what it took to get it popping
Like ain't almost lose my whole life on Slauson
Looking forward never was an option
Ended up running into everything besides it
When everybody blinded to real life logic
The ones we said were crazy, we the brightest stars shining

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Yo - Soul
Still caught up in the rhapsody
Don't confuse my freedom of speech for apathy
I prefer words like empathy or absolutely
But actually, my extensive vocabulary is blashpemy
The more you know the more you wish you didn't
The more I saw the more I wish I didn't have to see
And I ain't chopping trees, just tryng to chop it up with you
I heard that they copping my content across the continent
The mic check 1-2's turned to checks I deposited
And ain't nothing wrong with checking into colleges
All in all, know it adds up, staying positive
That's common sense, like water for chocolate
Riding high with my dawgs, man, y'all tried to top it
I kept the soul in the game, check your pulse
Hit the beat with my flow
I speak what I know, I reap what I sow
Bear the fruits to my labor
Diced pineapples on my rider, I'll see you later
I'm onto bigger things, I can't do it mini anymore
Labels say I'm more marketable than a grocery store
Got some dollars on my fix, I ain't broke anymore
And it seem like don't nobody know me no more
Somebody said ''Soul, did you sell your soul?''
And I could say yes or no
But you never know

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