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Nipsey Hussle

"Basic Instinct"

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Late night n*ggas at the Shell deep
Bird out, gang signs, to the pale beast
Big guns, long clips and they well greased
Black woman on my 20 dollar bill crease
Head shot, man down in the ville, sheesh
Enemies, M.C.'s will get swiss cheesed
Double back, 10 minutes made a big scene
Bullets start flying by a n*gga, that's a sick breeze
While I'm here, take a pic please
You know legends die young, rest in peace Prince and Pimp C
From the block to the big leagues, self-made millionaire, white America ain't pimp me
Don't tell me that it's skin deep
Don't tell me that I'm tripping only listening to my instincts
Step back for the increase
Hussle ain't got it mapped out, know the feeling

[Verse 2: G Perico]
Yeah, look
Late night, n*ggas out on 109th deep
Choppers out 'case a n*gga tryna come creep
b*tch tripping cause I'm always in the street
Bag of money in a Beemer on the back seat
b*tch, you getting paid or you playing?
Broke ass n*ggas always running round hating
See a unknown face, where you from? Is you banging?
Heard your name before, you that n*gga making statements, uh
So Way Out got gang of n*ggas in the cut pointing red dots
Lil' skinny ass n*gga calling all shots
They send the snitches tryna get a n*gga knocked off, ah
f*ck all cops, to a million dollar spot when I slide off
Chuck the deuce in the G when I ride off
All luxury sh*t for a young boss

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