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Nipsey Hussle

"Just Another Day"

Just another day
Just another day
Just another day
Just another lovely hustle
I'm on a hustle, money on my mind
So I stay on my grind, on my grind, on my grind
Cause it's just another day
Just another day
Just another day
Just another lovely hustle

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
I hope you hear everythang that I say out my mouth into this mic
And in yo ear
Live yo life n*gga, have no fear
Cause blood, sweat, tears
Hardwork, plus years, plus faith, plus fate equals great
Don't wait, go so hard, have no peers
And to the haters, have no ears
Cause they don't know, but to you it's so clear
While they was asleep, you was up in here
While they was free, you was up in there
Never scared, so prepared
And when you called she was never there
So when she cry, you don't ever care
All you know, get that dough
Take that two, make that four
Make it more
Take that seed, make it grow
With the hope of one day making it something that'll finally feed your folks
Not a four four with a hole in your head and a tag around yo toe
Blue rag around my forehead
With a fat stack, I got moe bread
You fake ass n*ggas better go ahead
I'm certified, you no cred
I know that you hopeless
Young n*ggas just ain't as focused
As I am, but I am
Enough to show you where that dope is

If you want it, then you know that I got it
And if I ain't got it, then you know that Imma find it

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
I push it, I move it
Whether trap or music, I do this
sh*t here full force
Screw you n*ggas, get a full course
?, got cake to make, get my grind on
My mind on my money all the time
n*gga get hungry, turn to a grind ball
Let the kush blow, I'm a ?
All kinds of raw, no time to talk
Unless you tryna cop, if so, 60 for a pop
Come prolly with me
I be on the block, hit me on the phone
Getting lifted
Nipsey put me on and I can't fade Patron
Yeah, that's how it got me feelin'
Just another day, smoking pot in front my building
I'm a boss
Harlem n*gga, break day gamblin'
We don't do that clown sh*t here, no
Charles Hamilton
Nah, I'm talking fly sh*t, fresher then a newborn
Still hustle on my block, though with some screws on
I gotta get it by any means, I'm on it
I hear you n*ggas talkin', stop listenin' for the longest

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