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Nipsey Hussle

"State of Mind"

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Count this dough up
Call my name, I'm gon' show up
Young, bout to pour up
Quarter pint in my soda
Now picture me rollin'
My V-12, that's twin turbo
f*ck with that Gelardo
But the 'rari I prefer though
Y'all, war verbal
We candle your curb up
Police can't control us
They just react to these murders
Take y'all n*ggas off
And be back in the mornin'
Last time was a walk up
Now we poppin' out the foreign
Stickin' to the script
Y'all got too many stories
Talk just like a b*tch
We got too many Maury's
Loose lips to sink the ship
But break the levees like New Orleans
I always move in silence
Except when I'm recordin'

[Verse 2: Y2]
Mama raised a king
Wasn't fit to be a doctor
Product of my environment
Sirens and helicopters
Murder, kidnap for capital's
Only one half of the problem
Prices on top of heads
Go through hell just to get that dollar
Rich and dangerous in the City of Angels
Everything about me, Slausangeles
Everyone around me still bang, don't bang with us
Disrespect the set and we on your neck if you don't hang with us
It's Slausangeles

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