Racks in the Middle

Nipsey Hussle

[Intro: Roddy Ricch]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I was ridin' ’round in the V-12 with the racks in the middle
I was ridin' 'round in the V-12 with the racks in the middle
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Roddy Ricch]
I was riding ’round in the V-12 with the racks in the middle
Had to pray to almighty God they let my dog out the kennel
When you get it straight up out the mud, you can't imagine this sh*t
I been pullin' up in the drop tops with the baddest b*t*hes
Young n***a been focused on my check (Mhmmhm)
Got a new coupe wrapped around my neck (Mhmmhm)
Tryna put the water on my Patek (Mhmmhm)
I got killers to the left of me (Mhmmhm)

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
We was lurking on 'em, ain't show no mercy on 'em
We was goin' back to back, we put a curfew on 'em

It was dark clouds on us, but that was perfect for us
We know you always crash and burn, but it was working for us

Limo tint the V-12, double check the details
Gotta cross my T’s and dot my I’s or I can't sleep well
Millions off of retail
Once again, I prevail

Knew that sh*t was over from the day I dropped my presale
Hold up, let the beat build
See me in the streets still
I been fightin’ battles up a steep hill

They gave my road dog twelve, it was a sweet deal
And I been ridin' solo tryna rebuild

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