Priceless lyrics


The kinda God I serve got me licensed
Now am so priceless
I ain't got no weakness
All I see is brightness
Being granted access
It all feels like madness
I don't need no violence
God gave me the talent
Now I seem flawless
All I do is spotless
I feel like am popping
I feel like am balling
It all got me thankful
I almost got waisted
I was once abated
This sh*t got me delighted

I got a million billion dollar on my mind
I got a million billion people on the line
This is not a crime
I am no criminal
I need no minimal
I got so critical
Now am just popping
You could call me purple
You can call me crazy
You could say am steady
Now am just your rapper
You can call me Vega
You can call me priceless
All these are the same thing
Peace is not a lame thing
Hate is not the same thing
Could this be debating
Is this now the main thing
Could I be a big thing
Or could this be the whole thing

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