Daydrream lyrics


Can you tell me where im going baby
Pretty sure that i been going crazy
I been living life like its a f**king daydream
Its a f**king daydream
I feel so numb
You abuse me with your love
That sh*t got me so f**ked up
I only feel okay on drugs

You dont wanna love me trust me
Im hooked on codependency
Baby you gotta stay away from me
Im crazy
Nobody is saving me im waiting
For an exit to the next b*t*h
Text quick
Got me feeling f**king restless
Im a dead b*t*h
Got me screaming f**k it
Ending the discussion
Used to feel in love
But now you got me feeling nothing

What the f**k
I hate you
This ain't love
Can’t changе you
I can't but
Ima be fine uh ima be good
Im poppin my xans and smoking backwoods
I should
Bе fine
I dont need you in my life
You dont make me feel alive
I just wanna feel alright
But i think i might f**king die

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