Toxin - Inside Remix lyrics


Let me die
I don’t really know what the point in life is
Everybody knows that we won’t survive
I jus wanna go shawty i can’t fight this
Always on my page but you never like
It’s fake
You ain’t really love me
That’s great
I been counting up my bankroll
All day
I been drowning in my problems
Let’s escape

I been in my bag
And i ain’t stoppin b*t*h
I love poppin tags
So i been shopping
I don’t understand
Girl what’s your problem now
You make me feel dead
Cuz you’re a toxin b*t*h
I already know your love is counterfeit
Pretty sure she hates me but she loves my fits
Strung out on the daily but these drugs are bliss
I don’t wanna live i’m f**king done with this
I don’t know what i should do
I’m lost and missing you
I wish it wasn’t true
What the f**k am i gun do
Oh whoa
I’m just dying in my room
Oh no
I keep falling for you boo

Why’s my mind feel like it’s a prison
I don’t understand
I just wanna life that’s worth living
Won’t you hold my hand

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