MF Grimm
Second Mouse
(Sam Boice verse)


Because of us you ain't so murderous you burglars
Either rhyme or find a reason
Truth'll reach the surfaces
Why are all the good journals trap with treacherous
And why are the whispers mistaken as the worthless
I close my eyes and take a sip and thank for existence
Lot of flowers never get the smelling while their living
Soil I've been handed planting giving back no dirt naps
Just face facts like stats planted right up on your gla**es
Them averages probably belong in jail cells
Or wells like Bruce Wayne was born where he dwell
And the Ivy's in the well and the raps fat as whales
No beluga over there
See they shooting over there for
Reasons unknown in my zone over here
So stay clear like a leer cleared for lift off over here
Kick my shoes off and grab a beer
Get my buzz on
You either mistaken or wrong
We don't care about your riches
Go and write a song
Or do something you f**king bum
Looking like a f**king slug
So its salt for the bugs
All the for the love
Bipolar with this sh*t get the shoes off my rug
I'm done