MF Grimm
Dragon’s Blood + Cayenne = 1000 Degrees
MF DOOM & MF Grimm - “Dragon’s Blood + Cayenne = 1000 Degrees”
[Emcee(s): MF Grimm]
[Producer(s): MF DOOM (Original Instrumental from Metal Fingers - “Dragon’s Blood”)]
[Sample 1 (Melody): Spider-Man - “The Devious Dr. Dumpty” (3:49)]
[Sample 2 (Drums): Les Baxter - “Hogin’ Machine” (0:42)]

[Intro: Sample from Spider-Man - “The Devious Dr. Dumpty”]
“There they go: the clown and the two thugs”

[Bridge: MF Grimm]

[Verse 1: MF Grimm]
MF Grimm is hard as hell
Murder anybody, I don’t care who you tell
I bust shells, they all fell
World domination started sitting in my cell
Potential, kinetic, only time tell
Pressing up units for more to make ‘em sell
Messing up universe, fractal cause chaos
Communicate with the dead, Grimm is in a seance
Don’t take it personal. This is strictly business, kid
Nosy n***as wanna hang around, we’re killing witnesses
We’re into torture, have you tied up, hollering
Bleed, let you die slow, in Heaven, hovering
Face my adversaries, every confrontation conquered and
Faces of my adversaries, mutilation, severed and
Traces of my adversaries exist, it’s like they never did
Other cases involving Percy Carey, yes, I did a bid
Dream what the Feds feel, war, pistol-whipping pigs
Old toupee type, Grimm’s probably twisting wigs
Not a stranger to getting hands dirty, clothes bloody
Either mine or an enemy or a close buddy
We’ve come to terms, this the life we lead. Some
Burn from it, Lucifer indeed. They
Can’t separate their wants from needs. Some
Learn from it and try to teach the seeds
A new breed coach seeds, supply power. Others throw
Salt in the game—let ‘em roast like they’re sunflowers
Hail gun power, sparks I sneeze
Your style stinks, and I’m Febreze
I’m Evahflowin’, so I rhyme for Breeze
Then, willing, I rhyme for cheese
Manhattan, murdering, lay you down with ease. Manhattan
Clam chowder, a thousand degrees. N***as
Nowadays, take your eye off, you’re a goner. If I
Think you’re a snitch, then I throw a cup of water on you
Hit team, fly through, kill you on your own corners
Second team, flight crew, mow ‘em down—that’s how it scatters
Some have kids, but when it’s on, it doesn’t matter
Defeat that, they’ll hunt you later, the ones now that pitter-patter
Hit baby formula, Similac, crack splatter
Fox Five covering. Kill reporter, take camera
Gun fire? Ducking it, hunted like Al Qaeda
Strictly with my mind, choking n***as like I’m Darth Vader
Stick me on the crucifix, reappearing days later
F**k Jacob’s Ladder. Time’s changed, use an elevator
Life is a struggle, so Day By Day’s the Entertainment
Day By Day, we make our moves, so compet**ion hit the pavement
Ghetto politicians, recognition, move the crowd, I’m waving
Shaking hands and kissing babies, maybe they’ll a**a**inate me
Fully automatic, rapid fire bullets fill me
Six Million Dollar Man, stronger they rebuild me
A hybrid: Michael Corleone
With the perspective of Michael Concepcion, so if
You f**k with me, then, n***a, it’s on. With
The clock, moving palms with Viktor Vaughn
I make it “Rain Blood” with Megalon
Brothers in the street know that Grimm’s a don
Yes, a made man trapped in a wasteland
They know my mind’s a refinery, so they keep an eye on me
Change life for comrades before they all die on me
I sacrifice mine before they all die on me
Double-O-7, tuxedo n***as spy on me
Unavoidable, death will occur
N***as left shaken, not stirred
On video surveillance, Grimm is blurred
Put me under the jail, that’s what they prefer
I don’t give a f**k, tuck my gun in my waist
Tie my belt tight so it stays in place
Get out my chair, crawl up the steps
No elevator, so they don’t feel I’m a threat
But, believe me, I’ma get ‘em, and that you can bet
Think it’s a prank, nothing to see but a knock
As he opens the door, I’m on the floor with a Glock
Homemade suppressor, so the noise won’t start
Most in his face, a few in his heart
Without a trace, I slithered down the stairs
Upper body strength, I’m back in my chair
‘Cause, when I’m mad, n***a, I don’t care
You talk sh*t from far, I’ma leave you there
Reach for your gun, it’s done in vain
Grimm ain’t the one, you’ll be left in pain
Bullets pollute blood, infect the brain
I move fast with Kurious, we’re “Shifting Lanes”
Many get jealous ‘cause money we stack
Every time they try to kill me, I come right back!
[Outro: Sample from Spider-Man - “The Devious Dr. Dumpty” and MF Grimm]
[Sample from Spider-Man - “The Devious Dr. Dumpty”]
“Doc, Doc! Here he comes again! What do we do?!?”
[MF Grimm]