MF Grimm
The Legend of The Golden Warrior
[Inn waiter] More tea, Master?
[Master] Yes, thank you!
[I] Oh, no, haha. Thank you, Master! It's a pleasure to serve someone as great as you
[M] Please, you're too kind
[I] Oh no, it's true! I'm honored to serve you. You're kind and you never lose your temper.. even when you fight. That's the sign of a true master. And to be honest, (haha), I feel very safe knowing you love my restaurant - out of all others throughout the realm
[M] I consider this my home when I'm away from the temple
[I] Yes, yes! And because of that, no one ever thinks about a**aulting me, or any funny stuff, you know? Haha..
[M] Well, if anyone ever give you a hard time, you let me know, right away. I'll take care of them
[I] I will! Thank you.. thank you. Um, Master?
[M] Yes?
[I] Master, I'm just a poor waiter, so please forgive my ignorance but you're known as the greatest fighter of all time and haven't been defeated. Even your students are unbeatable by other schools. Master - how do you become so powerful?
[M] I was trained by the Golden Warrior himself
[I] The Golden Warrior? I thought he was only a myth. No one ever seen him before
[M] No. The Golden Warrior was real, and very selective who he trained. He picked only two students in his entire life: me and another student. We were both just kids, around five years old then. He raised us and taught us discipline, honor, and to be just. We were both like adopted sons to him, and we each grew up to become powerful men in martial art. Although both of us were equal candidates, to protect the sacred scrolls, only one of us would be given the honor. And I was given that honor
[I] What became of the Golden Warrior?
[M] He was very old and became physically weak, but before he died he honored me with the t**le of 'Guardian of the Sacred Scrolls' that was pa**ed down from his father, and from his father before him. The Golden Warrior personally placed the scrolls in my hands, and then he died. May always he rest in peace
[I] Whatever happened to the other student?
[M] There was an attack on our temple and he was killed in the process. The scrolls were almost stolen, but because my martial arts were on the level of my teacher, I defeated our enemies and kept them safe. So I'm proud to say that the sacred scrolls have never been stolen and will always be safe, the way my master wanted them
[I] Since the other student was killed, who will you pa** the scroll to, when you're ready?
[M] My son, of course, he's just as good as I am now. It's only natural, and I'm sure my teacher would agree. There's no one else worthy enough to touch them
[I] Master, (haha), you so ? in all ways. Is there anything (heh) you can do? Heheh
[M] Well I haven't bit the iron dummy yet, but there's no one who can! Hahahahahahahahahaha..
[I] More tea, Master?
[M] Yes, thank you
[I] Oh, by the way, Master!
[M] Yes?
[I] I'm curious - what was the name of the other student that trained with the Golden Warrior, who was killed when you attacked?
[M] His name was..

Sensei! (What?)
Help us! (Wha-oy?)
They're fighting in the templeT They're fighting in the temple! (Who fighting?)
Sensei! (Yes?)
Help us! (Calm down!)
They're fighting in the temple! They're fighting in the temple! (Did you win?)

No one knew him, never seen him in the town
Stone doors, with this fists he start to pound
Before we open, knocked it down
Peeled force, hit the ground
Cleaned up the round, four fighters, that good

Walked in, confident as he entered
We surrounded like train, trapped him in the center
Led by the temple, strong as ??
When he murdered him, the rest just backed away
He made noise, screaming all the way
They were high pitched is all I can say

Master, listen, I'm concerned
He mastered everything you learned
The Vibrating Palm from far away, he's that good

Temple guards CHANGed with the sharpened sword
Soldiers wanted but could not touch the feudal lord
I swear to you ma**es like I view the Lord
I'm compelling you! Master, he's in tune with Lord

He felt his energy when his chi struck
Then from his back he pulled out nunchuks
One by one I watched them fall, switching styles, he knew them all
Styles you don't know, he knows, he's that good

By the the temple was a mess and bloody
He broke the wood and bent up all our iron dummies
Our road to victory was looking very narrow
We dropped swords, picked up the bows and arrows
Flaming arrows at him in the air were turning
He grabbed them all and blew them out as they were burning
Threw them back, all returned, and mastered everything you learned
And he did not miss, yeah I tell you, he's that good

Never got tired as he fought our best
Made them all spit blood once he touched their chest
Your most honored students, they ran for shelter
He was just spare children and their elders

Ripped temple flag right off pole
Said he seeked retribution for stolen scrolls
Master, listen, I'm concerned
He mastered everything you learned
You took him back, he challenged you, he's that good