MF Grimm
MF Grimm - “Teacher”
[Emcee(s): MF Grimm]
[Producer(s): J.L.]
[Sample (Melody): Claude Debussy - “Clair De Lune” (1:14)]

[Intro: MF Grimm]
Wax on, wax off

[Verse 1: MF Grimm]
Teacher betrayed, only way could be slain
But these evil students of yours don’t understand
Died with the pebble still gripped in your hand
Flow like water while spitting fire
Mastered the earth, then gone like the wind
You taught me it really begins from within
Sometime, when release the chi, I scream
Break wood, break sticks and bricks with my head
Toughest thing I face is getting blacks to break bread
Jealous of the teacher, that’s why you are dead
Infinite, so your style will live on
I learned discipline, for you I push on
To let them know you’re not gone (Say it again)
To let them know you’re not gone
Traveled to the mountain, studied different techniques
Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to years
I grew long hair and long beard
I’m a Grandmaster now, not too many can compare
Brain of hand speed, I’ll snatch words out the air
Murderous to word, and that’s the burden I bear
I learned to use thoughts for defense like a shield
Plus penetrate force fields, win on attack
Master of flows, know all styles of rap
They could kick gangsta sh*t, I don’t give a f**k
I’ll beat ’em with their own words like they’re nunchucks
Sixteen bars, so murderous they are
Accurate, it’s like I’m throwing sixteen stars
I challenge their whole school right in their temple
Defeated their master right in their temple
I beat each one to death right in their temple
Deadly pressure point hit right in their temple
In the grave, with few, now they all lay
Just had to show them that we don’t play
So now rest in peace, sensei

[Outro: MF Grimm]
Everything’s gonna be OK. Everything’s gonna be OK
The student got it under control. The student got everything under control
Alright, I’m out this
Teacher. Teacher? Teacher?