MF Grimm
Who You Think I Am?
[Produced by MF DOOM]

[Intro: Megalon]
Who you think I am, but who you want me to be?

[Verse 1: King Ceasar]
When I rock, jock n***as in shellshock
Don’t watch the birdie, watch the clock go tick-tock
I rip shop, I make your girl’s bottom lip drop
Yo, word to the truckers at the pit stop, I’m hip hop
I hold heat, never forget what n***as told me
They showed me other emcees trying to fold me
They owe me, yo, plus them n***as mad slow, G
I got my “Get U Now,” so I’m coming with my homie
Here’s the plan: stick ‘em up, I enter
Through the window, stoop down so we can’t see our crescendo
Pa** the indo. Yo, he used to be our friend though
Yeah, but that’s the reason I don’t really like to lend dough

[Verse 2: Rodan]
From the corner, cylindrical triangle hat says “Dunce,” lyrics precise
Like forensical science, leave you entangled for months
Trying to figure who done it, you fronted, got your sh*t stunted
Didn’t have to be that way. Some saw the light coming and they shunned it
For the wickedness of those who despise life and worship death
Be a savage, match sh*t eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth, breath-for-breath
In the last days of the countdown, sh*t is just that drastic
Write journals like Hebrew prophets, study math like an Aztec

[Hook: Megalon]
Loved not for who you think I am but who you
Want me to be, a true thugging emcee
True thugs with no strings attached
I wanna give you my slugs and don’t wanna take ‘em…

[Verse 3: Megalon]
Box sprays with my box-cutter in my boxers
Shots sprayed on the cops’ hostages, we rastas, Rockaway
Boulevard, got love obnoxious, got five
Cops today for my Rockaway n***as that rock braids, got paid
A-Rock, you know how I rock. Meet me at
The Lobster’s. I suggest I should dress proper
Copped a buzz, I copped a Dutch, I got a lot of love
With no strings attached
[Verse 4: Kamackeris]
Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes, we got plenty
Dimes, dimes, dimes, too many
Sparked up and chat, you keep counting
I do my thing, jealous n***as keep doubting
Rock ‘n’ roll, lock ‘n’ load
Emcees out for pots of gold, we stop ‘em cold
In their tracks and take all their chipseses
All their DATs, all their bullsh*t mixeses
Give ‘em credit? Nah, dead it. We just
Flip the callisthenic, toss the Andy Pett**te to set it
We grand-slamming and never bystanding
And pu**y emcees we abandon

[Verse 5: King Geedorah]
Flew in from Monsta Island just to rag sh*t with jet lag
With brothers specialized in ways how us not to get bagged
Egads! I bring confusion like roll call
To emcees so-called, hoes be like, “Yup, I told y’all”
So socialize. My bio show I dip, dip, dive
Memorize like Iomega zip drive
Go to the bar to drink to get soberer, King Geedorah
Eat the head of a king cobra like Ginkoba

[Verse 6: Kong]
Kong in the cut like cold meat, I hold heat so sweet
Roll deep with no beef. Those that doze deep
Closed sheets foes chose to speak with. Reach over
To reload the reef, swift from feet to teeth, keep
Kongcrete parallel to body ‘til the next male
Shotties and hotties still waiting to exhale
Smell the bloodbath when slugs caught, slugs pa**ed
In bloodsport, bugged laugh and bugged thoughts caught
Some eyes, make the K-Slash stagger like a Bocker drinking vodka
Hit note like Sinatra at a opera, drop a flocker
Orville Redenbacher, get you, got you, shot the two L’s
Without the proper for the album’s knocker, hit the liquor
Quicker than a quicker picker-upper girl and
Stick her, I leave more nuts than a Snicker, kick her
To the curb, punk a b*t*h, stomp a chick
For now call me Kong, Monsta Isle, Monsta Click (Blao!)
[Hook: Megalon]
Loved not for who you think I am but who you
Want me to be, a true thugging emcee
True thugs with no strings attached
I wanna give you my slugs and don’t wanna take ‘em back