MF Grimm
Life and Death
[Intro: MF Grimm]
Hold on to her. If you really love her, hold on to her. If you really love her, hold on to her

[Verse 1: MF Grimm]
Her name
Was Life. Loyal, would never do me wrong
Want the best for me, she was a beautiful song
A schoolgirl, mastered biology
Taught me everything, she holla-holla at me
Beyond visual, totally internal
Trees, bees, birds, words
Verbs, nouns, took walks in the park
She was sweet, but, at times, hard-knock. ‘Til I met Death
She took the last breath of me. I
Met her through her cousin Sleep
To the left, to the right, she went both ways, yes
Chasing her was Chasing Amy
Took me to the edge, told me jump with her. I was
Hypnotized, so I jumped with her ‘cause I
Wanted her, confronted her
Between the sheets, I messed with her
Life paging me, want me to mess with her. Don’t
Feel like being stressed with her. She wants
To walk in the park, I wanna run the streets
I’m acting real cold, she’s giving off heat
She’d rather see me get a diploma
I go check out my homegirl Coma
Coma and I have a cool relationship, she give me
Keys to the crib and don’t ask me for sh*t
Stack the fridge for me to drink and eat up
I’m scheming like a demon on the couch with my feet up
Pay-for-view championship bout
Main event didn’t start, so I slipped right out, and called
Life from the payphone, she’s chewing me out
She sensed that I’m cheating the way I’m moving about
“A n***a from the streets is what you trying to be
You’re sleeping around, stop lying to me”
“Life, you know you act like a b*t*h, right?
Then we just die—that’s why I get high.” And
She said, “My love you try to deny, but
Please give me a try.” But Death’s
A fiend, public places, having sex with me. The streets
Are watching, I stay hard when she’s next to me. We don’t
Love these hoes before we lust. She intro-
-duced me to her girlfriend, and off I bust. Ménage
À trois we must constantly
Together, f**k the world, criminology is what
She taught to me. Feels so nice
Giving b******s, in her mouth is glaciers of ice. I act
Up ‘cause I’m backed up with virginous Life, won’t
Give it up until I make her my wife
Life want it all. I just can’t win. Traveled
Back to Coma house, then I slipped back in
Coma love me, lady’s sexy as can be. She looks
Into my eyes and asks what’s troubling me
Powers beyond are humbling me. Gotta
Pick one, so which one will it be
“Women like Death is all around the world.” She said
“Life is wonderful, a hell of a girl. She wants
To share her world, give you all she can
Death’s a freak, slept with every damned man
Life got your back, she’s picking you up. Death
Packs the gat, straight sticking you up. Life
Can’t live without you, she’s bigging you up, but put
Life after Death, cops are digging you up
Life is precious, she’s one of a kind
Choosing Death over Life, you lost your mind
Life is the one for you, no doubt
Main event was over, so I broke the hell out,” and called
Life back. How silly I’ve been
I took her for granted when she’s my best friend
Nothing lasts forever—one day, it will end
But I’ll remain loyal until then
Mentally strong, she would carry me
Got down on my knee. “Life, marry me”
I feel so blessed because she said “yes”
Now I gotta break it off with Death, tell her the
Right way, don’t provoke her, ‘cause how she living?
Mi vida loca
I spoke to her, but she didn’t listen
Straight-faced like poker
A joke to her, she think I’m bluffing
But I’m not, things getting hot
As I leave her spot, she pulls a gun out
And says, “It’s not over”

[Outro: MF Grimm]
Fatal attraction, actions alter my mind state
Meet your fate ‘cause up goes the death rate