MF Grimm
[Sample: FLCL]
Mamimi: Legs spread, same width as the shoulders, body tight, and hit the ball like you're defeating the enemy. Here, the pinky finger is the key. Then you just hit, hit, hit, kaking! Bingo!
Naota: What are you talking about?
Mamimi: He who conquers the left side conquers the world, chief!

[Verse 1: Kill Bill]
Your lyrics wack, you drive a beat up hooptie with the mirrors cracked
I bag a pack of pills, for real, I move E like I'm Miramax
And I don't even do that, but it sounds great don't it?
I got pound ape sh*t, foundations Ground-break flowing
I never claim a gang, blood, it only when the flesh is broke
So get up off my balls youngin, I am not Professor Oak
Rapping like a dagwood I'm that good, your letters choke
I'm never broke. Slipping blue moons, only heaven knows
Blue bomber, vomit bars, true honor, drop it hard
I do this, you producing with my tools, stalker Nardwuar
You could do some harder bars on Fooly Cooly Fardwuar
You're pa**ing what you're dissing, grow some balls and play the martyr card
Meet the face of una****erated focus. I can see it in your pupils, all that bullsh*t hating bogus
Copenhagen dripping from the lip, I keep a Swisher lit
Skip it
I don't give a sh*t, I'm just here to reminisce
I'm like this

[Hook: Kill Bill]
F**k the money and hoes, I got nostalgiabot
F**k the fashion and clothes, I got nostalgiabot
Monday afternoon, it's going down here at 4 'o clock
Channel 57, b*t*h, sit your a** down and watch

[Verse 2: Scuare]
Back in the day when these dreams were never spoken
Had me toking on some green. I was broke, but never broken
Kept it open to the way I listen
Constant in a state of giving
Thoughts that couldn't stay forgiven
Dropping off to make a living
Pocket rockets talking nonsense, awkward grasp with complex topics
Ego was a problem 'til the moment that I f**king lost it
And I never got it back
So let me brag about the fact that I've been lacking on this track
Confidence is key, but never had it on lock
So when I talked, always knew that I was planning to stop
But I forgot when every minute that I got up in it god infinite
Mind black out kept blind to the drama in it
Things got bigger every time that I grew
I had a clue, but I ain't even really know what to do
Got the job, got the khakis, made none of the women happy
Got p*ssed, ripped 'em off, turned around, and started rapping like
[Hook: Kill Bill]

[Verse 3: Rav]
I rip the cereal box open and eat my meal
Put on something that knocks, hopefully something chill
After the Lucky Charms and the cartoons
On the couch I play Nintendo Entertainment System
Why? Well, for nostalgia's sake
These other f**kers smile and take my style wild
And hate on my style after they've taken it, man, and that's just great
When they talk on that for days, you brats notice
Talk about my childhood and only they can Rav focus
The new stuff's mad bogus, these cats hopeless
It's the nostalgia loving att**ude all my pals holding
Whatever is dope now was like 20 times doper when I was a kid
Narrow-minded, yet correct
F**k mutual relationships you're blinded by respect
Social fears got that guillotine sliding down your neck
Everybody's in this p*ssing contest hiding behind their d**ks
While I reminisce about the times I never did
And so...

[Hook: Kill Bill]

Mamimi: He who conquers the left side conquers the left side conquers the world
Naota: What are you talking about?
Mamimi: He who conquers the left side conquers the left side conquers the world
MF Grimm: Trapped on a planet of pain and perpetrators
That you call Earth but I call Hell's equator