MF Grimm
Teach the Babies
MF Grimm - “Teach the Babies”
[Emcee(s): MF Grimm]
[Producer(s): PROTEST]

[Intro: Samples]
[?]: We don’t know the alphabet
[?]: Hmm. Well, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll tell it to you, OK?
[?]: OK!
[?]: OK, listen

[Verse 1: MF Grimm]
(“A!”) Agitators all around
(“B!”) Busted with bricks (Bricks)
(“C!”) Catching cases (Cases)
(“D!”) Day By Day (Day)
(“E!”) Entertainment Enterprise
(“F!”) Followed by Feds (Feds)
(“G!”) Grams and grams (Grams)
(“H!”) Hell is so hot
(“I!”) I’m indicted
(“J!”) Joke is justice
(“K!”) Kilo after kilo
(“L!”) Long arm of law (Law)
(“M!”) Manhattan murderers (Murderers)
(“N!”) No one caught though (No)
(“O!”) Ounces and ounces
(“P!”) Put in prison
(“Q!”) Question after question
(“R!”) Are you guilty? (Guilty)
(“S!”) Super surveillance (Surveillance)
(“T!”) Time is served now (Oh)
(“U!”) You better watch your black a**
(“V!”) Victory’s mine (Mine)
(“W!”) Wacky is this world
(“X!”) Ex is my girl (My girl)
(“Y!”) Yayo we call Yoo-hoo (And)
(“Z!”) Jail is a zoo, so peep
The truth (Uh huh) whatever you
Do (Whatever you do (You got to, you got to, you got to))
(“A, B, C, D”) You got to teach the babies
(“E...”) This drug sh*t is crazy
(“What comes after E?!?”) And the money seems so right
(“F.” “Oh, OK”) But it could end your life
(“OK, OK. F”) Plus rare are penalties
(“G, H.” “Aight”) So learn your ABC’s
(“J, K”) Now pray you don’t get stuffed
(“L, M”) I wish you all the love in
The world. Go to school, n***a boys and
The girls. (“What comes after M?!?”)
(“N.” “Oh, oh yeah! OK. N”)
(“O, P, Q”)
(“R, S”)
(“T, U”)
(“V, W”)
(“X, Y”)
(“Um. Y. Uh, um”)
(“Um. Y. Uh. Well, I don’t care”)

And on this day, Iblis met with his downfall at the hands of the almighty Ēl ʿElyōn. For the wrath without faith is the chastisement of fire