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MF Grimm

"Grisly Ghouls"

[Verse 1: Sam Mickens]
When I came back
I brought something back with me
Or was it left behind
What lives in my mind?
What lives in my body?
Tail-spun and saliva-covered
Marooned in the bottle city

Grisly ghouls, from every tomb
Some are unmarked, some "loving groom"
Hunger dogs and hungry moon
Grisly ghouls, from every tomb

[Verse 2: MF Grimm]
Back from beyond
Some understand
That there's forces way beyond man
Trapped in realm
Matter doesn't matter
Female singing "undead"
I can't see her
Hypnotize my voice
I want to meet her
Give in to my sins
So I could greet her
Devil steals soul
Can't function
She was just an introduction
Evil entities working in conjunction
Whispering Gemini instructions
Castor and Pollux twin energies
Causing murder and destruction
Grisly ghouls
Escaped from the tombs
Cursed like a werewolf
Trapped on the moon
Something from the other side making me pay
So I take life day by day
That's the way

Undead, undead, undead

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