MF Grimm
Nowadays you can save the world without ever leaving your living room
How on Earth?
Let me give it to you
Nature’s ways cause us to consume
So it’s obvious we gotta be prudent
The 3 August ones wud haw at our movement
Their sovereign should be taught to our students
Impart them all to embark and construct their own, with none but an awl to produce and a pall to remove
We shall not be moved
We’ll have to make a stop at the tombs, before you stop what I’m doing
Or is this cop shot you just wanna pop shots take a pot shot at a human?
It can be confusing when you’re losing
Just don’t lose it- stay resolute
Are you talking to me in Chinook? Jargon
The 10th incartion of Vishnu? Garbage
Yeah it’s called Kalki the destroyer of darkness
And I think it’s up to you to spark it
Employ your inner truth and market
Anoint it smoothly like talc*m, it’s enjoyable to do and keeps you from drowning-under water you need to be buoyant to stay on top, sound strong like olifant
I flaunt a lot of font and a fond love for our daughterz
Fawn love for our fauna, all is important
Consider all encompa**ing order 1wish is all love
Deliver all alms (writ psalms/grip palms) calm qualms and problems
I want a Padma like a marzipan bar
I’m dim like an umbra
Awaken from my slumber
Free immortal songbird, of mortal suffrance
I’m screaming Ombre Ombre
With no remorse or maudlin
Don’t see me off course
Won’t hear me ofcourse
In the peanut gallery you’ll put all our thoughts
Donning Louie Vuitton a booshie faux pas
Bring a smooth response
A cooler balm
Renewed mandala
Frabjous flotilla
Axion exister
Relax my sister
A grandiose sapient... [say he ain’t homo sapien]
Slake your hatred in a video game
Sainton say he on the way
Heading with provisions
Protecting equilibrium
Inspect the vermillion vision, if it isn’t a quintillion invaluable lessons then what is it?
Vociferous incision like infibulation
Limerence unrequited is love mistaken
Real as econometrics is what you’re saying
Homeostatic status is what I’m staying
Statin these ultimatums thru the strophic layers
Smooth as an a**ailant while jetin away on a spaceship with the... (cash, gem/Gash Dem) so salient
Sh*t I ain't playin