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YBN Almighty Jay


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I just had to stay focused (stay focused)
Tryna cover up emotions (emotions)
You fixed me up when I was broken

[Verse 1] Young Lyric
Almost drowned, now im floatin
I was lost now im focused
I was actin off emotions
You want me back but its hopeless
Moved on doin better
Why you textin me a letter
You changed up like the weather
f*cked up now its f*ck you forever
When I said i loved you I promise you that i meant it..
No I wish that I never did it
I kept it real from the beginning
You trippin, thought you was winnin, caught you slippin and yendin
Yea thats all that she wrote for ya
Heart broke got my heart colder
No love thats a cold shoulder
Lyric, Almighty J, b*tch its game over

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