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"Chasing Ghosts"

I think about the times that we spent together
Every moment that we shared felt like it last forever
Was so caught up in your presence and the past was severed
You’re a blessing sent from heaven, you’re my greatest treasure
It’s so hard for me to grasp you’re no longer here
My entire world collapsed and it drowned in tears
All I feel is fear now from you moving on
The only comfort that I have here is this stupid song
So I write about my pain and my broken heart
Take a trip down memory lane in a stolen car
Hoping I get far enough to relive what we were
Hoping it lasts long enough before it’s all a blur
Now I’m slurring out my words cause I’m f**king drunk
Deeply immersed in all my sorrows like a ship that sunk
Can’t escape this funk no matter how hard I try
So I drink until I’m slumped and feel the pain subside
But when I wake up and I realize you’re still absent
Feels like we break up all over, constant reenactments
Caught in my entrapments always getting f**king high
Knowing when I come down the pain is multiplied
I just hope to find myself again cause I been lost
Ever since you left my life half my heart dissolved
I’m exhausted chasing ghosts from my broken past
Time to balance out these lows with this hopeless glass

You stole a part of me
When you left my side
My heart can hardly beat
Part of me has died
I’m walking down a path
That does not exist
Regretful of my past
So I reminisce
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