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Young Chris


[Verse 1 – Young Chris]
Heart as cold as December
Shells hot as the devil
I supply their syringes to survive in the ghetto
Survival of the fittest, itchy finger for triggers
Sticky fingers, [?], we hittas
Best women in tropic, just a hella exotic
You can smell in my pocket, run and tell em I got it
Count the clock on the cola just to sprinkle a soda
Hoes silly, embrace em, like to know you the soldier
Two [?] to blow, I’m ready to go if them n*ggas approach me
The watches and cars, they watching us sauce
So I sleep with it closely
Yeah, sleeping with nina, threesome with dezi
Orgasm, they get to busting, when leaving em deadly
I’m ready to go, he’s ready to blow, my n*gga he’s busting
I murdered the comp, he’s better then who?
My n*gga you’re bugging, wing a hawk and we thugging
36 in the oven, got em pitching and hugging, fiends stick it and puff it
Lord now we grubbing, and we flipping the water
Getting richer than porter, and I’m hitting their daughters
n*ggas ain’t wishing me luck, n*ggas wish me to die
Kid n*ggas alive
Cousin on mint leaf, uncle on crack rock
Brother in the jail cell, youngins on the back block
Giving no warnings, been in the corner with my gat got
Lil clown, f*ck your full pound when that mac chop

[Verse 2 – Peedi Crack]
Sky blue one time slide through, it’s grey now
Stop and frisk, lay his face down like any day now
Liquor, drugs, and strip clubs, this is the devil’s playground
I intentionally enter, my inner wishes is vague now
Could be loud as a K round, make your heart skip a tempo
Leave the room in disarray, just bill me the incidentals
Got to switch up the rental, my appointment’s in pencil
30 extension, and turning the [?]
I’m just Peedi, I can’t be what you perceive me
To be, or what you see and believe on your TV
I’m iller than watching thriller in 3d
See me still chilling with my n*gga C, it’s still SP
Feeling like a million, f*ck these n*ggas, RIP
Buck n*ggas out they seat
f*cking with the black and latin master P
Bout it bout, shot it cause I’m proud about it
Faggots hopping out the closet
Lifestyle out of pocket

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