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Young Chris

"Still The Hottest"

[J. Cole]
Uhh, what if somebody from the ville that was ill
Got a deal on the hottest rap label around
But he wasn’t talkin bout coke and birds
It was more like spoken word
Can’t you see I’m putting it down
Look this is the Roc b*tch
The new Roc b*tch
They had it locked well I just copped a new lock b*tch
Look how I hit em up I’m on some 2Pac sh*t
We take it to a higher level two octaves
Cole, n*gga I’m vicious with the flow
Don’t take no cristal ball to predict that I would blow so quick
Get on your current events
Oh you ain't heard of that quit
No endurance, no insurance
You should be so embarrassed
n*gga you could have signed me
Now you little artist is garbage running behind me so
You wanna drop a man, your litter too much
Now get back to rap you n*ggas twitter too much
But I keep it hood I could fit in Ku Klux
I ain't bitter with you pitiful f*ck n*ggas
Couldn’t tie my tennis shoes
Couldn’t reach this high if you hit a few blunts
Sound like who, ahh b*tches you nuts please
I run circles round these rap urkels
And if he act Hercules then he could smack purple
Relax this is the Roc and guess who stuntin for us
And yeah I run my own show n*gga Martin Lawrence

[Young Chris]
Young Boy outta Philly who was ill got a deal
On the hottest rap label around
And way before he put together words
Them n*ggas was selling birds
Guess who puttin it down
This is the Roc trick that old Roc sh*t
I got it locked, I supply the whole block b*tch
Gimme the loot listen to that old BIG sh*t
And we dont care about no vest’s get your wig hit
See that boy vicious on the mic
Flow tighter than a girdle on b*tches on a flight
Tight, pray for a bright day visions of a night
Good weed, little liquor pretty b*tches get me right
Baby I’m a baller, I was born in March Madness
Whats the clarity its a little bit flaw in your carrots
Silly rabbits little bast*rds n*gga all of y’all average
I be the youngest Jackson with the glove I’m the baddest
Get the baddest whore’s dime a dozen on tour
Box em out in the paint, d-cousins on boards
Hip hop deserve more for the strength of what we saw
Give an encore for Biggie smalls shakur
Big L and Pun, rest in peace to Pimp
The way they paved the way I could never be content
Give it up to underdog, highly underrated
And this ones dedicated to the ones appreciated
Good look…

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