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"Lazy Boi"

'Lazy Boi trynna get involved
C'mon then, C'mon then, let's get involved you prick'
No more of that, names not KSI
Your songs are so swatted
You could call them house flies
Every selfie you shot
Took from an android
You're in a bad position
I'm playing you like a Gameboy
Little LB trynna stand to your boy
I've already beaten you at your own game boy

Lazy Boi standing up with 80 plus subs
Imma end your career
You can call me IDubbbz
Three hundred Soundcloud followers
That's not enough
You can call me Yellowstone
Cause I'm about to erupt

You're so kid like I can sand you next to Keem
The most immature man child I have ever seen
You made a bar on memes? Oh please
You're so f*cking cute when you try and diss me

Listen here Lazy Boi
You'll be alright
Just wait for the night to fly past by
There is no need to cry
I can see the fear in your eyes
This diss will haunt you till the
Mother f*cking Brightside

Lets be honest, you have a confession
To make a diss on me to be a little relevant
You remind me of my dad, complaining about everything
Put my name on the title cause you are irrelevant
Lyrics so weak, can't go through my clothing
You're dissing someone who's already self loathing
This whole diss will leave you tired and roasted
Eyes so far apart, that's the work of Moses

Dissing my channel and calling it cancer
But hold on a second, who designed your banner
All of your lyrics are so f*cking whack
It's giving me flashbacks of Rebecca Black
All of your songs are f*cking poor
I dont know who's worse, you or Jake Paul
Lazy Boi trynna keep his brave face on
But it's too late for that cause
I've already won

GG Lazy Boi

By the way Joshua James
I've seen that video
You're next
I'm coming for you
You better hide your kids
And hide your wives

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