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[Verse 1]
We got our own times
And our own states of minds
Feelings like happy, mad
Or breakdowns and cry
And it all changes
To different places
It ain’t contagious
I f*cking hate this
Cause Idon’t feel those
My life feeling like
It’s slow motion
I feel like I can’t
Even grow
Even if my veins are
All in flow

I feel so numb
Most of the time
And I want that emotion
To die
I just want to
f*cking care
Instead I give the look
Of dares

But my mind keeps saying no
My mind keeps saying no
It keeps saying no
Keeps saying no
But I want to break out
Of this mental dome

[Verse 2]
I don’t wanna feel
Yes I do have my
Beautiful Girl
She does put a smile
On my face
But where do I go
If she has to go?
Here I am feeling
By myself in my
Humble Abode
But in the end
I’ll be all fine
I’ll stick to my friends
Inside my mind

I ain’t trynna be scary
Or ruin my reputation
But I’ve got plenty of friends
Who are In my imagination

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