Lil Mexico


Oz, Oz on the
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

Look at that thirty hangin' out, that b*t*h got hangtime
I'm in the trenches with some n***as throwin' gang signs
Me and my n***as just alike, we do the same crimes
He let off shots, I'm bustin' at you at the same time

[Verse 1]
Hold up, big Glock with a thirty round extension
Put a name on that dissin', watch a n***a come up missin'
If we don't know you, you can't hang in them trenches
In that water with the rods, catch a n***a like we fishin'
Ain't never lackin', keep a ratchet like I'm Clank
I be with that gang gang, b*t*h, we robbin' out the bank
Stay out the water, lil' n***a, you gon' sink (Drown)
No in between, you either real or you ain't
Don't give a f**k about these n***as, let my nuts hang
So many bullets in my gun, I ain't gotta aim
Don't f**k with rappers 'cause these n***as just be chasing fame
He disrespect us, we gon' book that boy and take his chain
Yeah, I'm the hood's hottest youngin, boy, don't act like you don't know
When it's beef, I bet I'm gunnin', you just gotta go for sure
If I up it, I'ma blow, yeah, somebody gotta go
I got my hitters with me, ain't no bodyguards at the show
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