Escape (The Promised Neverland Rap)


Everything’s so crazy, but I
Will do what it takes, to keep them safe
The people I once trusted are gone
Now all I see are children, circled by snakes
I don’t what to do
Feel trapped like I’m stuck in glue
Move fast, I know we can prove
Humans are stronger than food
Follow plans, work as one crew
Games of tag, it can’t fall through
Trust us please, you have to
Young ones we’ll be back for you

Race against the clock, escape
We will find our way
We will prevail, we will escape
We will not back down
The time has come, all go, escape
We will carry on
Race against the clock, escape
We will all escape

Trapped in these walls
Yeah but we ain't facing titans
The screaming, voices call
And we know that we can't fight them
We're frightened, heart pounding, calm down
Looking at the situation, no one make a sound
Figure out the problems, analyse the outcomes
Get out done, we'll out run, like we've set the gun to stun
I can see your brain is numb, in the end we're getting through
You're a step ahead of me, well I'm three ahead of you
Not playing, training briefly, everybody here is suitable
We'll climb the wall, the curtain call, through the sky our roars will ring
I'm not saying that it's easy but I'm saying that it's doable
Refuse to fall, won't lose it all, I am sacrifcing everything
Don't let it be for nothing, keep this promise, just escape
You're smarter then you know, I believe this fight is fate
Don't wait up, please just stay alive
I'll be fine, Em, Ray, see you on the other side

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