It Will Be Alright lyrics


I can feel
The darkness creeping in
The weight of all his sins
Awakens from within
Do I listen?
Something about this pulls me near him
If I must step away
I'm ready, okay
Show me all the pain without any little lies
I can see the evil manifesting in my eyes
Free from his mortality
I'm ready to leave the next legacy
I am in your head
Follow like the rest
Down, what I have wrecked
Up, and you'll be next

Time is ticking
Why, I'm losing my mind
I couldn't be alright, now
One sees, the impending tragedy
The great catastrophe
That's coming with me

Help wanted, I feel somewhat out of reach
Like a parasites infested me like my time that was breached
The echoes of their screams, I can hear them like a dream
But the violence in me is the worst they'll ever see

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