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"The System Gotcha"

[Hook] x2
So if you think you're too old
Your thinking that you're too cold
You gave up on your true goals
The system gotcha
I'm giving you a new soul
You're never ever too old
To manifest your true goals
Or the system gotcha

[Verse 1]
You're never too old to sell a key
So how could you be too old to emcee?
I'm from where it originated so get me
Why would I stop what I created, even at sixty?
Shout out to Herc and Cindy
Hip hop lifts me and never left me
You know where KRS be
Right there where the best be
When I spit a free I can't help it if that's how God blessed me
So I'm never empty, writer's block never tempts me
With twenty albums I mastered this evidently
So I ask you gently
You don't see how to spot me on the block with my classic medley?
I can't stop, people won't let me
I don't talk sexy, but I do come correctly and you can check me
But just don't compare me to the next G
KRS-ONE: when you get older you'll respect me


[Verse 2]
I keep it moving all over the country
Doing underground spots with the ceiling above me
I keep it dark and ugly, microphone crusty
We will be here forever; trust me
I rock the spots that be dusty and banged out
I do house parties, raves and gang hangouts
Others took the same route, we didn't take the main route
You know who they are, I ain't gotta call they name out
They superstars, but in 1986 you ain't know who we are
And notice when I said "who we are", as opposed to "who we were"
Cause the past and future already occurred, but it was blurred
Time reversal symmetry just occurred
My being is timeless if the future remembers me
And there's no end to me, word!
Past and future happen at the same time, especially in the memory
We share the same mind. Images of my future telling me the same sign
In 1983 who I'd be in '09, but it's past 2011 and I flow fine
Rapping at 70? Believe that it's no crime
These youngins rent they style, I own mine
As you can see, I don't be relying on my old rhymes
I'm spitting raw rhymes, right here, right now
25 years, I never put the mic down

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