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"Will Hip Hop Change"

Let's talk ATL hip hop
Let mojo handle it, sansoosi, sharon's showcase
Rainbow arcade, edward jay tapes, kilo
Jellybeans, FDC, the hard boys and the lost park
Where was yall when raheem recorded eliminator on campbellton road
I used to walk to see toomp, mike fresh, and carl dorsey, what y'all know about that shawdy

Shawdy, you claim that you fabulous
Better than ancestors, we can't handle-it
Microwaved on social, engineered on phones
Claiming we old and that's why we don't get along
Listen, i was there when toomp did therrell parties
I was there when kool and raheem said that it's awesome
I was at mike mccray's house before he saw luke
I even went on tour with splack pack in a tribal suit
The godfather of crunk, that's who groomed me
I beatboxed for kool at kings ridge pool, please
I freestyle from therrell to westgate movies
Even windmilled when ben hill had dollar movies
From the founders era, with FDC
Graduated from MBC, y'all saf and sadistic
I'm taking hip hop back, keep the lipstick
Since you lit, you get the grammy, master dipsh*t

Hip hop turned 40, older than y'all cats
I'm shocked, half of its life is drenched in trap
You strangled rnb, poisoned pop charts
Stuck at A440, your soul just pop tarts
Killed slow jams, maimed disco and house
Started a fire so the other genres would get out
Now that you're alone, i stand corrected
You wanna argue who's the best since you were selected
What good is being first when you running alone
What good is being right when you're surely wrong
Now that you're king, what will you do
Keep stealing 90s tracks then filter out what's cool
Or sample 80s songs, overseas imprints
Your #1 hits are just demos, man i can't believe prince
Was right, there are thieves in the temple
Except they use fruityloops and have humongous pimples

In our universe, the precession of the equinoxes happens every 25,000 years
So in Hip Hop, what is our precession, every 5-7 years
So we got early 80s, mid 80s, early 90s, and mid-90s
The age of outkast, goodie mob, luda, and lil jon
This is the era of crunk and bankhead bounce
TI introduces the concept of TRAP music in 2001...
We should've had 4 precessions, but we are still doing trap music in 2020?
And you honestly think that's ok?
Ok shawdy, i'm let you have that....

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