Fix (Call Me Hip Hop Mix)


[Intro: Teddy Riley]
(Baby, baby, baby baby baby) Yeah
(Baby, baby, baby baby baby) Check it out, y'all

[Verse 1: Teddy Riley]
When's the last time y'all heard me drop rhymes? (Yeah)
See, I be droppin' it, my remix, y'all be coppin' it
Play it on the radio, rockin' it
East, West, North, South non-stop wit' it
No lie, you seen me with Guy
Jimmy Iovine, Blackstreet, all cream (That's right)
I work beats like girls in mags do
You need a remix, I'll fix you, too
(Clap, clap, clap, clap) Blackstreet

[Chorus: Blackstreet & Teddy Riley]
Call me, if you need someone to fix you
Call me, satisfaction guaranteed
(And you say Blackstreet)
Call me, if you need someone to fix you
(Wanna go on and on)
(Clap your hands, just clap your hands)
Call me (Just clap your hands, just clap)
Call me

[Verse 2: Teddy Riley & Eric Williams]
Oh, sugar girl, you sexy thing
I like the way you swing
Always wanna be your lover
I always wanna be your lover
You can call me if you need a fix or two
Girl, you know how we do
I gotta get with you
You can hit me on the phone
Dial my number, I'll be waiting
When I see you we'll be anticipating
All I wanna do is drive you crazy, girl
If we can flow, baby, let's go
Baby, tonight

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