We Have You Surrounded
Verse 1:
(9-1-1! 9-1-1! 9-1-1!)
9-1-1, emergency, frantic
We got the best fans on the planet
These other people don't seem to understand it
But they grab it wit both hands and take it all for granted
But never that, we give it back
Tit-for-tat, depends where ya head is at
And if it ain't up above, then my name is Slug
And you can call me Heavy D cause i got nothin but love
Alright, the babies that i shook, hands that i took
Pull out ya camera phone, that's a damn good look
I got the best bosses, i heart my job
I walk out the venue, they all start to mob
I got fans that are more like friends
But sorry ladies, Sean won't let me sign skin
I love breasts, but out of respect
I'd rather kiss you on ya cheek than write on ya chest, c'mon
(9-1-1! 9-1-1! 9-1-1! 911, what is your emergency?)

Verse 2:
I never thought that we would take it here
Baby stepped it, wit your help, thank you very much
I love it and i wanna make it clear
You get the credit, its your felt plus America
We did it to do it for all of the fans
To put a little more music in the palm of their hands
I write a song about life and dirt
So i can ride along wit you when ya drivin to work
(9-1-1!) There's an eagle on the loose
Careful not to flood my engine wit the juice
Once a recluse, never got played
Now they remember every word that i say
I pray that they see al my faults and flaws
My dirty laundry, my socks and drawers
Like the rest of you misfits, i grit and i grind
Punch my way through this bitch, one fist at a time
Get yours, meet me at the in-store
We'll set the horses free and steal his pitchfork
Trippin over cords on a big tour
And get applause like it's all that we live for
Signin you off on a dime's drop
Decide if it's time to stop, nah
I'm not gonna finish til i'm just some image
(9-1-1!) imaginary friendship
You know my songs, you don't know me
You bought my disc, you don't own me
Homie, you spittin all over the place
You drunk and you got ya girl hidin her face
I met you before? yea i remember
But check yourself, then check your gender
If you a man, then act like it dude
And lose that little fucked up attitude, damn