Give it Up
I sit in the back of the chamber
Away from the strangers like I'm a big banger
F**k ya theories
Clearly it's a myriad
Of weak characters and second to last periods
Put an asterisk by your name
With a footnote explaining the shattered gla** frame
The dusk came
The smile was afflicted
They called it fame
Highly addictive

I graduated like a cylinder
My signature
Can't be recognized by these minuscule miniatures
Consummate con artists
Conning all you conformers
Pushin' my penmanship
Pinnacle performance
A peg leg
A prophet through piracy
I still sail (sell)
Indulged in the irony
And I will be
The last man standing
Screamin' "Land ho" and sink your whole damn planet
Give it up, give it here
I want full attention
Sharpen up the #2
It's time to start the testin'
Sentences etched in
To the development
Confliction eternal
At war with your skeleton

I got an air tight alibi
No holes in my story
Gossip hood homies that can hold that for me
There's new ways to get high
But all that bore me
Don't want to be strung out on coke when your forty

Chorus [Aesop Rock] (Slug):
(Give it up)
Swim together or drown separate
Do not let her peer into a man's eyes like Xs
(I got Xs)
Do not let her rehabilitate
Eyes like Xs, tongues like figure eights
(Give it up)
Dip together or dive separate
Do not let peer into a man's eyes like Xs
(I got Xs)
Do not let her rehabilitate
Eyes like Xs, tongues like figure eights
(Give it up)
Here it is, a big day for the little rhymers
Puttin' out a new record
All they do is criticize us
It's all up on the Internet
They a***yze who's in and out of
Can't they see these men are riders?
All that do is energize us
Powered up
You sittin' with that sour cup
Cryin' over spilled milk
Mad cause your hour's up
It's our turn
Better luck next time
Get yours
Until then respect mine

I'm a product of too many Minnesota winters
Go figure
They call me a go getter
Had a fetish for puttin' letters together
Did it for the adventure cause we know better
There's no treasure
Just sex, drugs, rock & roll and guns
And a visit to the dentist every 24 months
I never respect the peaches or plumbs
That's why I speak to your face and keep my hands on your lunch
Boss up or bow down to big timers
We down low
Dodgin' all you d**k riders
See me talkin' to a chick
You know I'm tryin' to take her home
C*ck block my convo, I'm crackin' your camera phone

Out hollerin'
Cause my tolerance is thin
I'm callin' offense moves with my defense in
Gotta watch you fools with every open eye
Don't forget to watch them ones that try to hold you high
(You know that's right)