Like You
[Hook (x2): Murs]
I walk like talk like sleep like breathe like be like people do
Live like give like work like hurt like end up in the dirt like you

[Verse 1: Slug]
Woke up, overslept, so much for starting the day with no regrets
Begin with the daily addiction (routine!) getcha machine in position
Gotta go get it gotta go figure out what it is that you're trying to get
Shake rattle and roll the dice on a table of chips that are dying to live

Get up, one leg at a time, eyes on the prize, mind on the grind
Toes on the floor, heart at my chest, open up the door, start up the stress
Unless I lose my blues, erase my mind of the don'ts and the does
The laws and the rules are meant to be broken
Thoughts not pure if the minds not open
Close the curtains, dim the lights
Back to sleep I can't win this fight
(In a few minutes it'll be alright)
You gotta play the hand you're dealt cause that's life

[Hook (x1): Murs]

[Verse 2: Slug]
Now they want the messiah to come to town
But when the phoenix flew somebody shot it down
They found it dead with his head underground
And there wasn't enough bird to go around
Get your game tight, get your brain right
You can shine like the stars in the same light
Get your aim right, insane height
If you ain't shootin' for the moon then you ain't tight
(Weakness!) Never been in a trade of a veteran
Life's not one big hole you can settle in
Climb up, make out, take risks
Beware of the hate and the snakes and the sh*t

You can pop a sheriff like bob or eric
You can get too high and fall off the terris
You can get embarra**ed, or live it careless
And do your best and never get your merits
We wanna stay content
Fill the belly, and pay the rent
But the game was bent
They never say what they meant
And the main event came and went, spent

[Hook (x2): Murs]

[Verse 3: Murs]
I got problems, I got issues
I'm not perfect but I can still diss you
I got a chip, on my shoulder, and it weighing on my pride like a boulder
So let it loose, what can you do?
Why do you hold the show that the soul got?
Something to prove, we know the truth, but tell me why you gotta move like a robot?

And if you're MMA, then you're liftin' weights
But it only takes on bullet to twist your fate
You gotta watch your step, you gotta watch your mouth
Because we all know the way that a punk goes out

I guess we watch the same damn channel
Range for free thought, came with the ammo

You did what you did, now you do what you do
You're at where you at when you walk in them shoes

Did you come to f**k, (or did you come to fight?)
Well maybe I'm here just to love my life
Till they cut the price and I'm going bump in the night
Gotta get up, get out, and do something right

Walk talk sleep breath be
Live give work hurt