Guapdad 4000


Takin' all bets, I'm all in (Bet somethin')
Stack it up 'til it start fallin' (Stack)
I whip the sauce they get lost in
Look at me, mama, I'm flossin' (Mama)
Ayy, I'm flossin' (Ayy, flossin')
Look at me, mama, I'm flossin' (Mama)
Ayy, I'm flossin' (Ayy, woah, woah)
Yeah, woah, woah (It's a check)

Flossin', I'm chasin' bucks, lots of sh*t be on my mind
Played you like VHS, make a movie, then rewind
I think I might drop you, so can we do it one more time?
I got mountains to gain but you not ready for the climb
Runnin' from the truth, I ignore the routes, ayy
Drownin' in Hennessy, I'm drinkin' for every mood, wait
When you get hammered, it's just easy for you to screw
I'm addicted to pu**y, I will never be through, ayy
I'm just standin' out the roof, spillin' liquor on my rental seats
Rackin' up rental fees, I could be my own enemy
Need a f**kboy forcefield, protectin' my energy
Stuck in the cracks like change in the seats
Wanna pitch a double hitter like softball throws
Orphan in the game, I could never slide home
Gotta batter up like I'm cookin' pancakes
I just hope I don't ever strike out (Ayy)
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