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Mac Lethal

"Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Fast Rap"

We're all equipped
Hey kids, wanna try a little "Charlie Sheen"?
It's the best drug known to man

[Verse 1]
Check it out
I'm Charlie Sheen, got cocaine jaw
f*cked Bree Olson, did the whole thing raw
I make two million every episode, that's modest for my pay
I got fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA
f*ck AA, f*ck anybody with cancer
f*ck pornstars, f*ck dancers
You call me an addict and I'll just smile, dream on
Punk b*tch, I'm the real Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn
My line's polar, it's the ninth inning
You're bipolar, I'm bi-winning
Banging seven-gram rocks, tear my chest apart
And you will see that I have three extra hearts
Doing seventy-five pounds of llello every night, that's love
Doing seventy-five pounds of llello every night, that's love
I got tiger blood

[Verse 2]
Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen
Five-foot-nine with a heart on clean
Blinked his eyes and he cured AIDS
His women and cocaine are pure grade
Okay, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen
Ten-foot-twenty money large and green
Looking in the mirror like "I'm a stud"
Don't f*ck with me, I got tiger blood
We gotta speed things up now

[Verse 3]
Taking it down, di*king it down
Sticking my di*k in and kicking a venomous
Sentiment, isn't it eminent that I'm invincible
Head full of demons and chemicals
Flipping the furniture in my hotel room
My wallet is missing, I'm going insane
So I'm dipping my hand in my pocket
Then flipping my finger
f*ck you all, I'm doing cocaine
Take a vacation with porno star b*tches
I puke in the trash bin
Cause I'm two and a half men
I won't die and anyone that's died
Is really stupid just ask them
Sinister f*cking unscrupulous laughter
Rock and porn life
This is all a lesson
Never f*ck Roger Dorn's wife, oops
It's my life
And I'm tired of pretending
I am not special I'm making them clap
I'm still an F18 when taking a nap
I'm a battle tested bayonet
That will violently love
Till we ice age swimming

[Verse 4]
Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen
Half-man, Half-horse, Half-machine
Camera phone, shooting amateur porn
Wrote "Apocalypse Now" before I was born
Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen
Bones made of compressed methamphetamine
I'm not an actor, b*tch
I'm a drug
I got five children and tiger blood

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