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Mac Lethal

"Incredible Mozart Rap"

[Verse 1]
This is just advice, listen if you will
Every single day you're liquor sipping when you chill
Livin' with your parents, never chip in for the bills
You need to scrub the dirty dishes in their kitchen off for real
This is just your life, listen if you want
Don't just spend your whole day on the sofa hittin' blunts
You are in the back of the line right now
You gotta progress, you gotta move, you gotta work, so we can get you to the front
Put the nuggets down, put some veggies on your plate
Exercise a bit, feel incredible and great
You're addicted to your iPhone, saying that you're lonely
Use to speak English, now the language is Emoji
Be on time to work, don't upset your boss
Every single day you gotta brush your teeth and floss
If you can get eight hours of sleep at night
Or mentally you'll be lost
Consume a lot of food and water before you go drink
Lots of alcohol or you'll be puking in the sink
Break-ups really freaking hurt let me mention
Before you fall in love, know the persons intentions
Listen to this twice, this is just your life
Even if you're not religious live it like you're Christ
Gotta just accept that there will be days where you wake up feeling crappy
It don't matter make it your mission to be nice

[Mac Lethal starts speaking]
Look kids, I know that adulthood is a little scary
But trust me, follow these words and you'll be just fine
Also, drink coffee
Lets speed it up

[Verse 2]
Pay your freaking taxes every single year in April
Buy a little bit of property and build yourself a home, man
You should probably start a company 'cause paying off those student loans is difficult
But either way do something with your life
Don't spend every paycheck that you make on Micheal Kors and pairs of Jordans
Invest your money, save it for retirement
And wait until you're 30 to get married and before you go have children
You should travel with your husband or your wife
If you have a conversation look the person in the eye
And if you shake their hand then you should do it with a firm grip
Don't make fun of people cuz a lot of them are going through
Depression, pain and sorrow they're not telling you about
Be an individual with principal and character and try to treat the people
That surround you with respect
You gotta try to lose your ego if you wanna gain momentum
Now go out and show the whole entire World what you're about

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