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Mac Lethal

"Free Floating Hostility"

I swear to God that God don't exist
I step back and twist
To sock both my fists
So p*ssed at people talkin' that sh*t
I weeble-wobble then dip my clip tip in a hot ho's abyss
Now sh*t, that's the way to set it off: say somethin' gross
f*ck it, after this I'm gonna blade-bump my throat
I'm through with the pop, two clips and a pretzel
SFR, VCR crew, sh*t, is it special?
Who knows; the industry's too shifty and stressful
Blah! Even Eminem's new sh*t is successful
The action is corny, Mac'll transform to Thor
That is too boring, so I'm grabbin' a .44, now
Hop at a cabin and I'm clappin' a smorgasbord
In talents, I'm the most radical act in the storyboard
God-f*ckin'-dammit, I don't understand it
I put a couple bandages upon a critic if he wants to pan it
The Kansas City bandit answers with another schizophrenic ramblin'
So panoramic that I stun the planet
I run the gamut. You're fruity like a cup of lambic
Corny like '09 rappers claimin' another planet
Here come a sideways verse:
My f*ckin' wife has an ass in her c*ck on the driveway, Kurt
It's Mr. Cheap-joke Diggler, deep-throat the artillery
Angel-God alien, free-floatin' hostility
Language: tongue is like midwest obesity
Frustrateologist, impress so easily
Illiterate like meatheads in bars
They love alliteration, think me just bizarre
My reflex'll reach up and reject re-tards
When I relapse I repackage reactions
Retract, I'll seek action, relax and respect the bars
I'm marvelous; I'll leave a large c-section scar
On your two; not two, I mean two
Achoo at you
I do a ludicrous amount of voodoo
Do do, your heart go boom-boom?
Right in your ribs, right in your chest
I take it that your life is a mess
Tighten your bib, take a bite and digest
I'm worse than an Adolf Hitler speech, I mean
I'm worse than when Bernie Made-awww f*ck it!

First off, Mac Lethal's a degenerate
Who scrapped my beat and offends all my feminist friends
I did this track to try and get in his pants
Cause if you hate-f*ck a straight man, the revolution wins
I kid, I kid: Mac Lethal's the boss
The owner of the audience that Asher Roth bought
Bobby Darin, hackey-sack, frat-rap, cracker fraud
Partial Mathers, Nickelback, f*ck boy, moving on...
I'm p*ssin' vinegar from drinkin' all the sour grapes
Swish it around and take a sip and tell me how it tastes
My middle finger is stiff and stuck in this rigid state
Don't get it twisted though, I love just as much as I hate
Still checking CocaineBlunts and Nahright once a day
Peace to URB Magazine cause they're f*ckin' with me
Now run and get a mixtape, industry a pit of snakes
Hip hop figure-skates, Li'l Wayne cripple Drake
Jimmy from DeGrassi on that slippery stage
That's some Tonya Harding, sweep the leg, Johnny
Anyway, I'm really happy for you Kanye
And I'mma let you finish respondin' to Jay for D.O.A
By tarnishin' his image
B. is for Burnin' Bridges, opposite of politickin'
And we here just talkin' sh*t but see me if you got a problem with
They probably in your city tryin' to start a mosh pit
If not: P.O. Box 2509, Providence
If you sendin' cookies, I prefer the chocolate chip
If you're sendin' in a demo, do your thing, come correct
Best spell-check them death threats before you press send
Next chapter: 2010, Strange Famous, tell a friend
I'm never payin' for no floor ever again
Yeah right, get real, Kansas City know the deal
Black Clover, Mac / Dolan I'mma go in for the kill
I'm thinkin' folks owe me props for the Crow on the Riddle still
Not trippin' or feelin' salty, won't choke on the bitter pill
I'm focused. I'm drinking coffee. Do laundry
Pay the bills, then tour to display the skills
Give glory to Sage and build
He gave me the stage to fill
Reporting on corporate criminals altered the way I feel
I'm skeptical of the president and so-called reform bills
Reminiscent of rappers makin' threats and still breathin'
Sorry, but 50 Cent isn't change I can believe in
Nothin' but and AIG thing, baby
Lobbyists and congress got Obama seemin' shady
Glenn Beck got rednecks buyin' up guns
So please support the record so we can afford some
(Strange Famous!)
Before the Civil War comes

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