3rd Person lyrics

Tee Grizzley & Lil Durk

[Intro: Tee Grizzley]
How you doin' there
I just be laughin' for all of dat sh*t, I get dat sh*t all the time
Mothaf**kas just be talkin', bro
You go hear dat sh*t tho
Especially when you poppin'

[Verse 1: Tee Grizzley]
"Tee an industry n***a (he a rat)
He ain't go fire no shots (he rappin')
That n***a be tourin' and makin' millions (he a rapper)
He ain't gon' plot on the opps" (he a rapper)
"He be with J-Rock and Dorey (Jack Boys)
Them n***a gon' rob him, watch (they snakes)
When he gon' to sleep, and wake back up, he ain't gon' find his watch" (they gon' get em)
"I'm Tee Grizzley uncle (Chuck)
I taught him how to rap like that (I raised him)
I ain't f**k wit him in prison (f**k that)
But he ain't gotta act like that (He changed)"
"I heard he can't go on the Eastside ([?] too)
I heard he ain't into it wit his squad
I heard all that sh*t got squashed
I heard he got tension wit Rayquan (Wit them TOC boys)
I'm Tee Grizzley cousin"
"I'm Tee Grizzley auntie (Tammy)
I ain't f**k wit him in three years (you was straight)
Ain't send him no letters or money (you was good)
Ever since he came home (He changed)
That n***a be actin' like f**k me (He changed)
I know I ain't hold him down (He changed)
But he did the crime it wasn't me"
"I'm Tee Grizzley's killa, for bro I gon' get on all n***as (on my mama)
They in the feelin' 'cause he ain't f**kin' wit em (f**k them n***as)
And they can't call that n***a (All them n***as wrong)
But he couldn't call them n***as (You know what time it is)
He look out for all his n***as
Even after he fallout wit em. Keep tell him, "Bro, f**k all them n***as"
For real n***a"

[Interlude: Lil Durk]
Aye look, I can't even lie, bro, you know that sh*t 'bout me too, you know (on God)
Aye, this the type a sh*t come when you them n***as, boy (on God)
Real f**kin' vultures, you hear me (on God)

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Why Durk be hangin' wit Reese (he a snake)
Heard Durk can't go on his block (me too)
He be in all typa drama (on God)
I heard he got Varney shot (do, do, do)
How Durk BD for real? (300)
He ain't sh*t like his pops (Big Durk)
His daddy a gangster for real (gangster)
He got a baby with thots (he trippin')
How the f**k he shine like that?
He think he better than us (on God)
I think he f**ked that opp b*t*h (eater)
She tried to set him up (too close)
He tryna rap like Meek (I swear)
Why he sing like he Future? (he do)
He should've signed with Keef (he should've of)
He probably be like Future (tweakin')
I think Durk fell off (he did)
I could book him cheap (3k)
But that 2.5 (yeah)
And that tape wit Tee (damn)
That sh*t gon' bring him back (it is)
He might bond out 9 (on my kids)
I think he left him hangin' (he did)
When he got rich or signed (hahaha)
Beef for real, he got beef for real
Catch him lackin', that's a insta kill
Rob him, shoot him 'til he dead now
'Cause he flexin' on Instagram
His new b*t*h bad (who India?)
I heard he f**k wit dude (for real)
I should DM that (send it to Durk)
'Cause that's probably the truth

[Hook: Lil Durk & Tee Grizzley]
3rd person
Talkin' in 3rd person
3rd person
Talkin' in 3rd person
Please do not believe the rumours (On God)
Please don't worry 'bout the rumours (On God)
Please do not believe the rumours
So do not believe the rumours
'Cause you gon hear alotta rumours
You gon' hear alotta rumours
You gon' hear alotta rumours (On God)
You gon' hear alotta rumours (On God)

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