Didn’t Make The Honors lyrics

Rylo Rodriguez

[Verse: Rylo Rodriguez]
I take them percs just like an advil
They tried to sh*t on us, now we got diarrhea
I try to smile to keep from crying tears
15 hundred just on drank, won't catch me buying beers
Would've raked the yard, if I knew hitting rock bottom make these hoes leave
Flow seen my text was covered in blood, we sat in the nosebleeds
4 karats in my earrings
I shop at Essence for Amiri jeans
The way my fruit loop, buy new glizz, scratch off the serial (cereal) number
My b*t*h ain't racist, she rock Off-White, she don't do Abеrcrombie
Her brother namеd M.C., his name M.K., why they tryna take me under
She suck my d**k, and all I did was buy her a couple boundles
My dog turned snake, he told me his favorite movie was Anaconda
And the car get 'em from A to B, but we ain't make the honors
I knew that they was gone change one day
Them n***as p*ssed they not a man (amen), even if it's Sunday
Bands on the interstate, he get nervous
Try to shake these hoes, like Kyrie Irving
Put a d**k inside a .40 Glock, it was a virgin
They sent him up the road, they cut his dreadlocks, his time servin'
They gave Lil Scoobie ten years for having ice, he doin' fed' time
n***a pillow talking, pull up on 'em, when it's bed time
I could never ever be a rat, I'on even tell time
I know Fig and Lil' Joe got my back, like we share a spine
[?] granny house smoking crack
Went to Virginia with 30 on me n***a facts
Free Man, he wet a n***a up in the pen' with his Nikes on, now they tryna hit 'em with the max
Project Baby, we came up from shooting craps
From the times I lost, I put my city on the map
I came in, run deep, but I had that glizzy on me
Won't play me twice even if we went in OT

[Verse: MGM Lett]
If it's smoke, we direct, but we ain't never did that
Just to get the job done, I'ma grab the drac, and go to work, like I punched the clock
And my n***as look like fire hydrants, how they posted on the block
And it's "Long Live Dre", bro forever f**k the cops
Just like that b*t*h come 'round her period, know I'm headed for the top
Make it hard to read me like you ain't got no service or no wifi
Under oath, for my dog, I won't hesitate to lie
I don't care if we was at the park, you know better not to play with me, I won't let it slide
You would've thought you requested a Uber, they way my youngins gone pull up on you
Caught 'em down bad, he was lacking at the red light
The way we drop the top, [?] TV would've pimped it right
I can see the hate, you can't hide it from me
I don't need no shoulder lean, know I need my cup
Treat my n***as just like cancer patients, we all gone ball (bald)
But I ain't gone ball hog, I'ma have like ten assists
I'ma shoot my shot, 2020, ain't gone ever miss
Plot the money, like we playing Madden, send the blitzes too
And the way this draco spit, you would've thought it had a missing tooth
I know my n***a gone step for me like he playing a role in stomp the yard
[?], where was you when I was tryna beat the odds?
I was stuck off in these trenches tryna make a way out

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