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Of the Land

"Towards us"

[Verse 1]
In trouble and chaos
May our hearts find rest in You
In deafening silence
Let our minds find solace in You

For there is no place
Where You are vacant, where You are void
For as Your word unfolds
Your heart is revealed
You are Here

You draw near to us
You are here with us
You are gently ever reachin’
Towards us

[Verse 2]
Awaken this body
To the weight of carrying Your Name
For as you now live within us
We carry visions of Your grace

For where hatred abounds may there be Love
When lies take root may truth overcome
Where folly is spoken may wisdom abound
When doubt is inflicted faith and trust resound
When I stand in the way may I see as You see
When I forget whose I am, speak my origin to me
When I’m only stirred to do remind me to be
When I see the world hurting, release freedom within me
When it all seems to be breaking
Recall to my mind, perfection in thee

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