Ayo, b*t*h

[Verse 1]
Going home and feeling tipsy, I'm drinking with a gypsy
Oh, should I f**k a sl*t? I better not, let the d**k see
Oh, b*t*h, I can, matter of fact, I'm the man
I could beat a motherf**ker when I'm coming up on the xan, uh
I spit flows like I dig holes and I dig 'em deep
b*t*h, I made a promise you know I can never keep
No dose, don't you get close, I'm a f**king freak
Gathering all the pieces of my conscience, I'm the weak
See me covered up in gasoline, light the f**king fire, I was never mean
If I need to cry, I pop a molly with a ketamine
I got no dopamine, do you know what I mean?
Hate to be a tweaker, but the more I sniff the more I mean
But each time that I snort they just kick less
So why try? Clock the Glock and I quit this
Oh, do you love me, would you mind, if you licked p*ss?
I feel I'm only motherf**ker with this sickness

All the junkies in the place, put your motherf**king hands up
Yeah, all the emos in the place, cut your motherf**king veins up

Yuh, b*t*h, I'm rapping with the bars from the Mars
Yuh, I'm coming from the universe (Ayo)
Aliens and flying cars in the frost
Yeah, b*t*h, I been living with a curse
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