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"Private Show (Four 8's)"

[Intro: Slug Christ]
Check my sauce b*tch
Know I look like Kim K

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
Check my sauce I'm going
'Cause I feel so good today (yo b*tch)
Yo b*tch want a private show
She want the serenade (okay now)
Grew up 'round Atlanta now I stay out in L.A. (what)
The metaphysics of this trip is stupid fruity
I secure the bag
And then I step out on the porch
Walk it to the jungle and I walk it out north
I can sense a disturbance inside the f*cking force (b*tch)
What you wanna know cause I got burdens uh huh yeah

[Verse 2: Father]
Juked on this hoe and broke her knees
Her ankles bent like plastic
Sum'n 'bout when I'm off that juice
My dude, my juke majestic
Treat these thots like trading cards
Can't have my holographics
Farm-to-table my girls love the park
I keep 'em grass-fed
Picnic, we kick this sh*t, her ass swing like pop shove-it
Get my di*k licked, she with the sh*ts
Shorty just love c*ck-sucking
She just love me when I'm off the sh*ts
I'm sober this b*tch irk me
All my diamonds white like Fergie
These b*tches is just not worthy

[Verse 3: Slug Christ]
I get the broccoli, break it all up
I cannot take it, enough is enough
I put the bags in the back of a truck
I take the bag and I chop it all up
Chop it all up
Putting the bags in the back of a truck
Chumbawamba on a b*tch
Eat a taco then I dip
b*tch go raise yo kids, ay
And b*tch go get some money, ay
Don't spend it on yourself, ay
And quit tryna talk to me, yuh
Flex on economy
f*ck the economy
I need lobotomy
Or a bottle in front of me

[Verse 4: Father]
Scary n*gga, I'm a spooky black
You should probably alert your neighborhood watch
Every time a n*gga move on the block
Crackers pull up with that burning cross
I'm cold like Minnesota, Henn' & Cola
Look at this Mont Blanc watch
Naw, n*gga, this drip don't stop
Father Swift boy I might go pop
Yeah I think I'm Kenan think I'm All That
b*tch wanted me to hold the door
I did that hoe just like a doormat
Pulled my di*k out her vagina
And I came all on her thorax
Every time I step outside
I think I change the f*ckin' forecast

[Outro: Slug Christ]
Run it up run it up
Remember when we kicked the door in?
You was looking for me all through the morning
Damn the rain is pouring
Damn the rain is pouring

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