"Lemme Get A Lighter"

[Intro: Karma and Kwengface]
Ay Saph, turn me up
Ay Kweng, lemme get a lighter
Lemme just light up the - quick
Karma, Karma, gang

[Verse 1: Karma and Kwengface]
If you really bad like you say so, why you not tryna put blades in canerows
Shave those, wet a man down no rain coat
Splash, make a man sign out like Shaybo
Can't get cuffed by plainclothes
Ten toes dash from the sound of Vaidos
How many times have I creased my Fazo's? (How many?)
Been a bad boy no halo
Yo, rambo through a man's canerow, stay low
Got big guns like NATO
Or push my shank and spin it, innit
Really tryna do man painful
Control that dots man's able
Wound him, really tryna leave man fatal
Had, racks before the label, I'm in O with Pat and Rachel (True)

No I ain't no holiday island, but I'm a Bora Bora (Ching)
My guys love riding, riding, Dora, gang love doing explorer
It's my guys that are going exploring
The opps love dash I ain't got endurance
Step with my nank can't lack
I ain't tryna get packed like brand-new Jordan's
Yo, man just do it like Mike
Man just lift him in the air like Jordan
Or do it with my Rambo knife
Opp boys know I'm a chef like Gordon
Slide round there, man bore them, bore them
All of this done got boring

See LR, that's my fella, man I leave a man Stephen Hawking
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