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[Intro: Abzsav]
You already know who it is
Aye listening
Apparently Northolt yutes are tired
24 hours two got dropped
They're expired astaghirullah
I ain't in the car
Aye give it up for that one
Gang sh*t

[Verse 1: Workrate]
You talk badness
Come and back your chat
Who put the six on the map?
Me, my batch and my nank
A million views what the f**k is that?
My darg still stuck in the trap
And he can't relax 'til he flips that package
We're on the opp block with habads
Like a foy more we ain't double tappin'
Like a foy more we ain't double tappin'
You can get bored like [?] or [?]
I can't liе that list is long
Or you get bored like [?] or [?]
Maybе I could finish this song
Man stepped on a one
He got hit with a chong
That's [?] cousin I'll claim that one
If I back that nank no bluffin'
Guaranteed that it came back with blood
If my dargies slap on rubbers
3-4 rams and at least one gun
Wizz's world no manners
You know the gangdem come way to blunt
Workrate with the stainless hazard
Me I been known for numerous stabbings

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