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[Songtext zu „Kinosaal“]

[Hook: Luciano & YG]
Mein Leben ist 'n Film (Yeah)
Und du bist im Kinosaal (Flex, Flex, Flex, Flex)
Du siehst, wie ich Bottles kill' (Money, Money, Money, Money)
Und die Tattoos an mei'm Arm (Negro, Flex, Flex)
Ich sag': „Es tut mir leid“ (Drrup-tu-tu-tu-tup)
Doch ich mach' es noch einmal (Drrup-tu-tu-tu-tup)
Vieles kommt, wenig bleibt und ich fahr' mit der Zeit Richtung Sonnenuntergang (Yeah, drrup-tu-tu-tu-tup, alright, check this out)

[Part 1: YG]
Look, big dog status, got it lit, boy
I'm a boy, I blew a M on some toys
V12, hit the gas, better make noise
Ayy, I threw some D's on it like I'm rich, boy (D's on it like I'm—)
Ayy, I'm a foreign whip driver, ayy
My b*t*h is scammer, credit card, slide it, ayy
I like my hoes like my whip with no mileage, ayy (I like my hoes like—)
The feds watchin' so we hidin', ayy
Made it out the block, I could make it to the top
Made it after I got shot, it's still up with the opps
Tryna finesse the plug while duckin' the cops
She know I'm from the bottom, she wanna get on top
I know they watch when I bought the watch, I bought the Glock
Gettin' money harder, I make it easy so I know they hot (Know they hot)
Last year I took a picture with 'em
Woah, this year the picture cry
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