Stubborn Freestyle lyrics


Before this rap thing, always kept a low profile
The man are out here [?] off, I've got my own clout
Know the gang's tapped and we so wild
Times we rolled out, don't wanna leave no doubt
He's stretched and his bros [?]
Ain't dead, don't count
Run through a [?] house
Did it as a teen, do it grown now
Hit streak, sold loud
Make P's off of Charlie and chocolate like [?]
My [?] hates my [?], [?] hates my [?]
Like he loves to go down but my browning goes round
He ain't the man with that the gang, won't stand his own ground
New tones to shake a boat so they just hope they don't drown
Let's hope they don't sink
If they hit we ain't valuing the motor, burn the whole things
If we carry him we've loaded up the whole clip
Ain't on chattings, come to town [?] when we both bit
Western on the web, in the flesh there's no lit
I'm always scanning for the next person to go lit
Flashing off his lip, I might flex off his wrist
I'll put a [?] on my head, tell him take off his things
Take it off quick, hit bellies and d**ks
Let off shots when them weapons get lit
Nearly empty the clips, keep one for the pigs
See one slit more time he's done if we spin
Beat my man sis and his baby mother
Gotta pick me with the oppa says our problems are not on us
I just know it's on, I see a husband or a brother so
I'm bucking her I even got my stroller and my [?]
[?], green, white, brown, tryna see a number off the colour
[?] jumping in the hood some out of london
Being like plugged around the tongues with the runners
Police finding crams and got judges giving numbers
Beef can't stop me, keep the sticks with the drummers
Gloucester prince whips got tint so we covered
Even when the summer make it rim when you have thunder
I can't leave without my stabber, I'm so stubborn
Friends found the sweets are not a dress for the dozen
We suffered brightest snotting because the next pattern's more shells and a couple weapons in the cupboard
Just cool you know the gang's governed
Touch tools, have a man ducking
Bro said hit booth, make tracks try busting
I believe it two at times I'm getting fan loving
True, I rap and I'm rated my brothers say i'm bait
If not now it's soon safe to say we changed the game
I know the pagans hate on us, would love to take our place
So I ain't leaving things to luck, I'd rather take a case

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