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Unknown T

"9er Ting"

[Intro: Unknown T & KO]

More time it's a Niner ting
This sh*t's 'ments!
Homerton B

[Verse 1: Unknown T]
Summer time gets cold like winter (Ah)
And when gyal tek' wood from the back
She can feel this splinter (Dig it, dig it)
For this D, she can ride that digger (Ahh)
Bro tried to glide in an O-shaped dinger
Don't run if you see that chinger (Don't run)
'Cah I can hear Shegz in the back of my head
Like, "Bruck up this n***a"
Don't beef, you'll just run from this trigger
Hit the trap and slang up them baggies
Bandits look happy
Phone El Trappo, he way too trappy (Trappy)
Slap it in cabbies
Or make that dunga in alleys
In the studio smokin' on Cali'
What's this dusty ting you call Ammi'?

f**k-off Sammy
Ride out to London Fields with a bally (Sweaty b*t*h)

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