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Unknown T

"Homerton B (MJ Cole Remix)"

It's Unknown T, Homerton B
I've got gyallie on me
Opp block, bally on me
Panic and dash
Dem boy run and retreat
It's Unknown T, Homerton B
Gyallie on me
Bally on me
Panic and dash

[Verse 1]
Samurai's in batches
Whack, whack, pull up, skrrt, reverse
Bang, the ting goes back in the jacket
Hope the clip or the spin' make him backflip
When it comes to the trap
All my n***as work off the magic
Got that 10 out of 10 and it's banging
Apart from the tragics, listen
I was on the backroad picking my cats
Nike tracksuit, and a f**k off hat
Ghost-ghost move then come back
'Cah her tits went out, when she saw my stack
Pull up, pull up where it is or jaft
Wanna go home?
Tell that b*t*h call cab
How could you make that your darling one?
When that Barbie's lookin' like Bratz, and
How could you make that your hubby?
Empty tummy, that n***a eat brass
Went on a meal den dashed
Listen, look
Baby, bend ya' back and then dig it
Dig it, bend ya' back and then dig it
Back and then dig it, gyal want more d**kin'
Back in one minute, bag up that spinach
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